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Blood-C Episode 10 – Pay No Attention to the Thing Behind the Curtain

The central question of this show thus far has not been, “Who is deceiving Saya?” but rather, “What are all the people deceiving Saya getting out of it, and to what extent are they working at cross purposes?” We know that Saya’s father, friend/favorite cafe owner, and teacher are all in on it, but the whys seem different in each case. This is particularly so since everything indicates homeroom teacher Kanako is a human researcher, while father figure Tadayoshi (it is strongly implied) needs to drink blood to survive.

Whatever the cause of their alliance, it seems to be coming apart now—and perhaps it was destined to do even if Watanuki never entered into the scene. The basic goals of the of the three might be as different as their natures, and this episode does plenty to hint at both.

Fumito is letting Tadayoshi feed off of him. What's the quid pro quo? And where does Tadayoshi disappear off to, anyway?

Tadayoshi, for example, clearly wants to keep Saya from learning the truth at all costs. When left with another set of uncomfortable questions he can’t answer, he’s saved by a new beast who conveniently ignores him and focuses completely on Saya. It’s hard for me to believe that Tadeyoshi didn’t have something to do with the creature’s appearance.

What hammers home the blow is Shin’ichirou’s sudden reappearance and equally sudden dismemberment at the … hands isn’t the right word … of the monster of the week. Saya, as usual, dispatches the creature in a red-eyed rage (actually, she seems to switch to a second, brighter shade of red), and then loses consciousness from the shock.

Saya's memories seem to indicate she was hunting fellow old ones long before this charade started, which matches with the movie too. That makes the reasoning behind the charade itself far more mysterious

By the time she wakes up, her questions are gone, and Tadeyoshi is perfectly happy about that. Yet Kanako, it seems, is not. When Tadeyoshi vanishes under mysterious circumstances, she takes the opportunity to blow open the set, revealing how the carefully scripted life Saya has been living has been just that: scripted.

Why is Kanako doing this? She seems impatient with how fast the experiment is going, so perhaps she’s collected enough data for the current stage of the project and wants to move on. Perhaps she is on a deadline. And perhaps she is just as frustrated with Saya as she appears to be, for not being smart enough to put the pieces together, and thus wants to set her straight.

Kanako points out that the ancient texts kept in the library are quite new, and most of them are blank. I'm guessing Saya was programed not to bother looking at any of the dummy copies, but how she could tell all the unmarked volumes apart in the first place is the real puzzle

Regardless, the big reveal for the audience isn’t that Saya’s background was an implanted fabrication. Any viewer with three working braincells could have figured that out by now. The reveal comes with the reappearance of two special friends of Saya, the twins Nene and Nono. The same ones who died horribly as Saya was helpless to save them.

So, my commenter who suggested that the humans, too, were just set pieces in this charade, you hit the jackpot. A part of me wants to say that at least some of the humans were real (Itsuki, for example, has had what seem to be remarkably genuine responses to everything), but these twins, clearly, are not. This also opens the door to Shin’ichirou finding some new screen time too. In fact, now I expect it.

The twin's cutsey nature always rang false to me. Now it rings false for all the right reasons

As creepy and effective a shock it is to see the twins back (well, I always thought they were creepy), I’m going to want a very good explanation for what they really are. Their deaths where sufficiently tangible (particularly Nene’s) to make anything less than cloning an effective method of return—and that wouldn’t explain the personality preservation.

It also raises some deeper questions about the monsters and why they are attacking, given at least some of their victims seems none the worse for wear. Are their deaths, too, part of the act? It doesn’t seem so. Rather, it seems like the old ones, like Saya herself, are being deceived. They think they are attacking in retaliation for the humans “breaking the covenant,” but the covenant, very likely, is being broken just to lure them in to attack. Whether some or even all of the humans they have killed have been fake, the monsters, too, have been manipulated into their particular role.

Given how the monster complains about her hunger, I'm curious if she knows that the Shin'ichirou she ate wasn't entirely human. Either way, it doesn't keep her from eating him

The show has been implying for some time that humans, and not the monsters, struck first, and were using Saya as a defense to that end. Now, we’re left with the possibility that the monsters themselves might be the only victims here. And chief among the old ones, the deceived, the victims? Saya herself.

The why of that deception is increasingly the only question that matters. It seems, however, that there might be many different reasons why. And once again, the human participants seem to be the most in the wrong.

  1. FFWF
    September 17, 2011 at 3:35 am

    I didn’t expect Shin’ichiro to get mulched so soon. I guess I fell into the trap of thinking escaping the schoolhouse slaughter made him important for some reason. In fact, it only put him in a position where he was more likely to get eaten at some point. This kinda puts the damper on my theory that Class Rep will go nuts, given that he’s the only classmate left and as such probably has something more original to do – but who knows. The show may be showing its hand none too subtly about what’s going on behind the curtain, but the exact mechanics are often pretty unpredictable. The return of the twins is pretty effective in that respect, I find; I assume that they were killed first to make it a bigger shock when they came back, at which point we would have all but forgotten about them, and if so, mission accomplished. And their cuteness works remarkably well as creepiness; it’s not as if Class Rep or Other Girl had any memorable character traits, even annoying ones, so it would’ve been hard to pull off the same gambit with them. Let’s just hope their creepiness extends beyond groping Saya, as the preview implies.

    P.S. Looks like Dantalian Episode 11 is going to link in to Episode 6, so we might get an actual plot in the last two episodes. Hopefully one in which Dalian and Huey aren’t completely redundant again.

    • threeheadedmonkeys
      September 17, 2011 at 9:34 pm

      FFWF :

      I didn’t expect Shin’ichiro to get mulched so soon. I guess I fell into the trap of thinking escaping the schoolhouse slaughter made him important for some reason.

      Well, he might still be. It seems that at least some of Saya’s high school friends are duplicatable, which means everyone we’ve seen so far could be. Or, some are in on it and some are just normal humans, or mindless copies. Or something else we haven’t predicted yet.

      Honestly, I’m out of the prediction business at this point. I have not the slightest idea what’s going to happen next, and I couldn’t be happier about that.

      • FFWF
        September 18, 2011 at 3:20 am

        Blood-C’s greatest triumph is tricking us into thinking it would be too predictable. I’ll remember that, no matter how it ends. I should be grateful for your reviews, actually, or I’d have never known it was worth returning to.

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