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Sekaiichi Hatsukoi OVA

Note: This is a very special guest post by friend of friend of (so clarity’s friend) the site, nervousneko>ª~ª<

As spectators of our so often hated art form, we must accept that we must sometimes view it in less than ideal circumstances. It’s unfortunate, as this can really get in the way of enjoyment or the ability to become absorbed in the piece.

But that is so not a problem with Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. In depending so brilliantly on time tested visual cues, and adhering slavishly to the modern romance’s narrative structure, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi manages to negate the fact that the subtitles of the only copy I could find were in Spanish. Really, I barely noticed.

According to Google translator this means "I like... senpai."

Since I don’t know their names, I am going to be calling the characters by their eye color, so as to create as little confusion as possible. At the center of this fable is the totally adorable Green. He is nervous all the time.  He is in a library, and can’t reach a book. Brown, who is impossibly tall (and impossibly hot), gets it for him. This is how they Brown meets Green. They talk about something briefly, and then Green stalks him, and then on another day they both reach for another book.  Green gets nervous(again(I know what that’s like!)!)!

He is so devil-may-queer

After that Brown invites Green to his house. This is when we learn Brown owns a kitten! Squee!

Ohmygod he has a kitty! Neko! Gato!

Anyhow, Green, unable to control himself, smells Brown’s pillow while Brown is in the kitchen.

I thought I was the only one that sniffs the pillows of cute strangers that invite me to their house

Then they share drinks, which turns into kissing, which becomes so much more.

After their night together they are back in school, or at least back in the library. After trying to do homework (I think) and talking about stuff (but I don’t know what, for obvious reasons, but with yaoi does it matter?!) they start kissing again.

Used throughout the OVA are cherry blossoms, which are a symbol for the sexual advances since one always accompanies the other. The fact this is often indoors is really the strength of the symbolism, since cherry blossoms are not supposed to be fluttering in a room, or in a library, just as boys are not supposed to love each other.

So, in conclusion, SPOILER ALERT! I know it’s bad to spoil things but I just have to. After their second encounter at the library, Sekaiichi Hatsuko cuts to a bespectacled Brown waking up Green and they are both in an office. Brown is a mean boss and Green a frustrated employee (in more ways than one, LOL!). So then the whole thing was a dream. I think.

Poor Green </3

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