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Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne Episode 7

Note: Special guest post by friend of the site lolikahn^_^

What kind of episode is entirely about porn but completely has no porn? Other than the usual pantie shot completely obscure by penguins?

So instead of Nao and Iroha like, doing dirty things or something, we get Shuusuke and his sausage party prancing around Ahikabara looking for porn. If you’re at Akiba you should go check out doujin and buy video games. I mean, if you want porn, just got to the internet amirite?

But apparently the writers didn’t have the internet when they were kids, so instead we get some touching crap about these dudes buying porn together and taking dirty pictures of trees and crap . It’s pretty gay, really. I mean, one guy talks about sticking it in a teddy bear. (^_-) And then another guy is like “a cat is fine too”.

why even bother lol

I think they should make an exception for the censoring on an episode that is all about porn. Or I would if there was anything hot in here anyway? You can totally skip this episode when the uncensored release comes out. Mostly it’s just dudes being emo and whining about fetishes. (-__-)

Like, what is the point of having an episode about these guys complaining about how little sisters, or hot moms or childhood friends wanting to do you are unreasonable? This is anime: that stuff happens all the time. Why don’t they have that happen instead of these guys whining?

their are sum good shots but not enough

Anyway, eventually they all split up because they all like different things, but then Shuusuke brings them back together with a touching flashback about them coming together to buy porn when they were younger. Then they go to a maid café that has two of their fetishes and the episode ends.

Nao and Iroha stalk them for the whole episode, but there’s just a few lame pantie shots and nothing else.

they even have ads for two much better shows: kissxsis and yosuga no sora. sora is so hot!! (^_^)

In summary, this episode was really stupid. I hope in the next episode Nao gets naked lol :3


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