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Kimi ni Todoke 2 Episode 10 – Feelings on Parade

This episode picks up right where the earlier one drops off, the night before the culture festival’s costume parade with all the students doing cram work for it. The episode ends, chronologically, less than a day later, as the costume parade wraps up and the sun starts setting. It’s about 24 hours after the emotional climax of last episode.

As much as the last few episodes have felt rather drawn out, it’s actually shocking how much character growth has happened in a 24 hour span. There was a long road to get to this point, but now the feelings pour out in a rush.

Even if no one can remember her real name, the class has come to acknowledge Sawako as one of their own

The most obvious way this happens is a new attempt from Sawako to set the record straight with Kazehaya, where again she announces her intentions as best as she is able. And, just like last time, they are interrupted by the same idiot classmate. Unlike last time, however, Kazehaya politely but firmly tells the guy to take a hike.

That’s step one. Step two is when he declares his affection for her, publicly, shouted in front of the whole school yard. Granted, it’s the same words (“I like you”) which he used last time and which Sawako and everyone else misinterpreted last time, but this time he doesn’t equivocate.

Besides, when the class heartthob yells out his affection for a girl in a large crowd, no one is going to think he’s talking about being friends

Perhaps that was the growth required on his end. The show, for obvious reasons, focuses on Sawako, and thus her struggles and challenges are more often on display. But with the heroic stretches she’s made over the past few weeks, it makes sense that Kazehaya would need to reciprocate.

Kazehaya might come across as super human to Sawako, but he’s really an uncertain, easily flustered teenage boy on the inside, who is clueless about love . We’ve seen how he needs to grow up a bit too for any relationship with Sawako to work out. It’s nice to see some of that growth here.

Sawako, wearing makeup for perhaps the second time in her life, gets to show off her outer as well as her inner beauty to Kazehaya. He’s appropriately wowed (and flustered), but pushes forward anyway

That’s not to say Sawako doesn’t get her due in this episode. From beginning to end this episode highlights how Sawako has grown during her high school years. Overtly, we see how her expressed wishes in the first episode of the show have now come true, as we have cuts from that episode mixed in with shots of her happily interacting with friends at school.

We also see it in a less blatant way, as Sawako gets asked to use her “magic” to determine the compatibility of a girl with her crush. When she affirms it, she’s promptly enveloped by a new group of chatty friends. The same supernatural vibe that once made her off-putting and creepy now makes her endearing, or at least useful, to her new classmates.

Granted, she can still be really creepy when she wants to be

Basically, this episode is about capping the transformation of Sawako into what she truly wanted to be. Sure, she’s still tongue-tied, easily flustered, probably takes basic interactions too seriously, etc.—but she’s managed to learn how to reach out to others anyway. Her class finally knows who and what she is like.

With that, the final scene seems almost an addendum, or at least it would if the romance were not the entire external plot of the show. So after the parade is over, Kazehaya comes and finally explains that they do feel the same way about each other. I’m not certain if it was a deliberate choice to make him contradict his words of several episodes past, but the result is appropriately touching.

Touching and chaste—the two don’t kiss, but given their intrinsic sense of propriety (particularly on Sawako’s part) this is hardly surprising

With Sawako and Kazehaya finally a couple, I’m not quite certain what the show will do for its remaining episodes. (The manga is still slowly ongoing, but is mostly just one long wrap-up that would feel glacial on the small screen.) One episode would make sense as a wrap up. Two … that will be tricky.

Oh well, I’m nitpicking now. Kimi ni Todoke has been very deliberate about everything in its production, and over the past two episodes we’ve finally gotten to see the results. And while Sawako’s accomplishment is somewhat muted by having Kazehaya get the last move, that hardly ruins the joy of the moment. And that is something to savor.

I completely ignored the episode’s comedic element; just be aware that Pin does something stupid and gets some comeuppance for it

You can watch this episode here or here.

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