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School President is a Maid Episode 6 – Five Times the Fun

It’s been a while since the secret of Misaki’s work has been an issue for the series. (I think the last point where it was relevant was in episode two, where she accidentally slipped into maid talk while working in a cafe for the school festival and had to be saved by, of course, Usui.) So it’s only been a matter of time before the issue would rear its head again, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen the way it did.

This episode, Misaki suddenly finds herself with a set of admirers, specifically the Inuyama quintuplets, who have decided that she’s the coolest thing since sliced bread and want to become her disciples. Apparently they’ve been watching her beat the crap out of miscreants and generally work her butt off to be the best at everything. Industrious and pure-hearted themselves, they can’t think of a better teacher in the ways of, well, I’m not quite sure, but the point is that they like her and want to learn from her.

While being both slightly unsettled yet still flattered by the attention, Misaki still is faced with the problem: How do you conceal an embarrassing part time job when you have five devoted followers wanting to observe and emulate all parts of your life?

It's been a while since I posted a screenshot of Misaki being violent. My apologies for the delay

Of course, it’s Usui who helps her in escaping from the Inuyamas every day, even as he questions why she feels a need to hide her work from them. Misaki admits that she does sort of appreciate their earnestness and hardworking nature, and after a few negative encounters with insolent students, it’s evident that she’s in need of positive feedback for all the work that she does, feedback her disciples are all too willing to provide. She doesn’t want to disappoint them by revealing that she works in such an absurd job.

Ultimately, Misaki comes to the decision that she should tell them, if only to keep them from finding out by accident and assuming the worse. She finds Usui on the school roof and tells him this, only for him to switch sides, noting that she is telling them based on her considerations of them and their opinions, rather than as something that she wants to do. Usui then tells her that nothing she could do would ruin his opinion of her.

Usui helps Misaki escape and gets to embrace her at the same time. Gee, I wonder what his motivation could be

As Misaki starts to actually thank him for once, Usui spoils the moment by “proving” his point with a very embarrassing picture of her he got from the maid cafe. She then gets into a struggle with him to try to take it away, or at least convince him not to carry it around school. As they fight, he drops it, and it falls off the roof drifting down to where the Inuyama quintuplets are gathered below. Suddenly, her fears of them discovering her secret in the wrong way become all too real.

Usui, aware of her concern, volunteers to resolve the problem for her—by jumping off the roof after the photo, this being the only way to ensure getting down to it before the quintuplets find it. Misaki correctly notes this isn’t exactly a method of retrieval conducive to his long-term health and well-being, and asks why he would do something that crazy. In response, he kisses her, and then declares his love. Then off he goes.

I'll admit I wasn't expecting this quite yet

Of course, he winds up being fine, although he does go to the hospital afterward to enjoy his time recovering from tree hopping. Before that, however, he manages to interrupt Misaki explaining her work situation to the Inuyamas by claiming that she works for him as a bodyguard; apparently they are too innocent and trusting to doubt him. In fact, it so fits into their understanding of Misaki’s nature that they don’t really think about it.

Whether this excuse is hypocritical or not—he claims it’s for making sure that he keeps Maid Misaki all to himself—depends on whether you believe that Misaki is better off waiting on revealing her secret until she is ready to do it for her own reasons, rather than to satisfy others. Even so, blowing a secret like that wide open would remove another potential plot further down the road.

Usui jumps off a school roof and most of the damage seems to have been done to his clothing. This really is a show for girls

There are so many things going on in this episode that’s it’s difficult to keep track of them all. There’s Misaki’s fondness for her erstwhile followers and her desire to keep a favorable impression with them. There’s the continued impression that Misaki should be able to open about her work in a maid cafe, and shouldn’t feel diminished by it. There’s the contrast with Misaki’s sister, who is open about her matter-of-fact, penny-pinching ways, and Misaki’s envy that she can’t be that true to herself.

There’s also the continual comic asides, from the overenthusiastic way in which the quintuplets take everything Misaki does as gospel (“inu” is Japanese for dog, and I’m guessing the name choice was deliberate), to the standard antics at the maid cafe, where Misaki is shown to be just as omni-competent as she is everywhere else, save for her halting attempts at being naturally cute. (Sometimes I think the entire maid cafe is an attempt by Satsuki to enjoy her own over-the-top fantasies as it is about satisfying customers.)

Here Satsuki attempts to teach Misaki in the proper way to wear bunny ears. Perhaps she enjoys her job a bit too much

And of course, there’s the ever-escalating romantic advances of Usui, such that Misaki’s denial of the seriousness of his intentions seems less and less plausible by the episode. Of course, it doesn’t help that he deliberately ruins any positive effect these advances might have on her by having obnoxious or crude follow-ups, which make even his confession of love at least possible to consider a joke.

And yet, all these elements don’t seem at all in conflict with each other, and all fall seamlessly into what is just one single plot point. If the last episode relied a bit too strictly on convention and only tread on ground already covered, this time we have both major advancement of the plot and increasing insight into Misaki’s character—with even the humor making a solid comeback. School President is a Maid will never be an awe-inspiring show, but it can be great entertainment, and this episode is a wonderful reminder of that.

I completely ignored a scene where Misaki keeps someone else from getting her photograph. Which is unfortunate, because it's both funny and relates to the plot

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